2021 Internship Program



Vacancy Description

Internship Period: 3 to 6 months.

Application deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through the end of the year. Intakes will be in cohorts every 3 months starting March, 2021 based on organizational needs.


We are a research and advisory organization focused on using research in social and behavioral science to solve problems in development and poverty alleviation. We work with governments, NGOs, and private sector enterprises to improve policies and products using insights from behavioral economics. By carrying out research around the world, ranging from qualitative in-depth studies to lab experiments to large-scale randomized control trials, we help organizations understand decision-making and enable them and the people they serve to make better choices.


Our 2021 Internship Program is a great opportunity for recent graduates to benefit from deep experiential learning in their area of interest, getting the chance to work in a multicultural context with a team from over 16 countries worldwide. At Busara, we speak a little of every language and provide an environment to not only grow your skills and experience, but also, learn from a network of experienced professionals who have varied backgrounds and disciplines.

As an intern, you will be attached to different divisions and will work with respective teams in the following ways:-

  1. Projects interns will work closely with the team to contribute to several on-going research projects at Busara. You will support a full range of project components including developing reports on analysis conducted, providing recommendations and making formal presentations to communicate results; supporting quantitative and qualitative research activities such as the design of effective survey instruments and coordinating all activities associated with the survey study including formatting, scanning, analyzing, summarizing and presenting results. You will be expected to demonstrate initiative in brainstorming and identifying alternative solutions to issues in projects.
  2. Labs interns will work closely with the team to contribute to on-going projects. You will support in running field RCTs and troubleshooting any challenges; overseeing data collection and supporting data analysis; develop questionnaires and interview guides for projects that require primary research and administration of data collection activities. You will be expected to have a base understanding of research tools, procedures and ethics.
  3. Product and Innovation (Software) interns will work closely with the team of software developers to ensure the success of our software products. You will be expected to have working knowledge on software development and programming languages.
  4. Communications and Design interns will work closely with the team to support the execution of our branding efforts. Depending on interest, you will either be engaged in editorial and copywriting activities or in the support of visual design and presentation activities. You will be expected to have an understanding of branding best practices, visual design tools and presentations.
  5. Qualitative research and Design interns will work closely with the team to support the design, planning, execution, analysis and presentation of qualitative research projects.  You will assist varied aspects of research such as planning, designing, implementing and analyzing both in person and virtual qualitative research. And are expected to have basic knowledge of qualitative research methods and tools like data and cultural analysis, digital ethnography or discursive methodologies aka focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  6. Finance interns will work closely with the team to support the accounts receivables and payables functions, help with the execution and reconciliation of payments, as well as, assist with payment documentation per established procedures. You will be expected to have a good understanding of financial procedures and compliance standards.
  7. People (Human Resources and Operations) interns will work closely with the team to support recruitment, HR admin, employee engagement, training, as well as office and IT administration processes. You will be expected to have a good understanding of HR and admin processes as well as national and international labor regulation and standards of practice.

Specific tasks will be assigned based on the selected candidates skill sets, interests and project or divisional needs at the time of the internship.


To be considered for this internship program, you must have;

  • A degree – completed within the last 1 year – in economics, social sciences, public policy, communications, finance, human resources, business or related fields. Other fields will be considered
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Fluency and excellent communication skills in English
  • Interest working in a fast-paced working environment
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, operate well in a team setting and be flexible

And preferably:

  • Previous internship and/or educational experiences demonstrating your interests.


All applications will be stored in a database which will be consulted by hiring Managers based on projects or division needs. Due to the high volume of applicants, we will only get back to shortlisted candidates. Shortlisted applicants will undergo a rigorous task-based interview process.


If successful, you will be provided with a monthly stipend.

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