M-KOPA Solar

Electronics, Information Technology Kenya

M-KOPA empowers homes and small businesses through connected technology. We’ve pioneered and built one of the world’s most advanced pay-as-you-go platforms – unlocking power, information, technology and finance to upgrade lives.

M-KOPA has connected over 750,000 homes and business to affordable solar power. About $400M is saved across our entire customer base due to our products. M-KOPA customers will enjoy 75 million hours of kerosene – free lighting per month.

Our 900,000 customers were stuck in a rental economy, paying for services or small portions of expensive perishable items. We give them a path to ownership. An M-KOPA system sits at the heart of the home, connecting lights, charging, radios, TVs and fridges. An M-KOPA pay-as-you-go smartphone enables access to premium handsets that upgrade living standards, productivity and earning potential.

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    Chania Avenue, Off ring-road, Kilimani, Nairobi Kenya
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