Bimas Kenya Microfinance

Financial Services Embu

BIMAS KENYA MICRO FINANCE LTD is a human and enterprise development organization without religious, political or Governmental affiliations. It provides access to financial and technical assistance services for sustainable wealth creation.

The overall goal of BIMAS is to realize sustained economic growth and employment in the rural sector resulting in enhanced social welfare and increased income of the rural population in Kenya. This ultimately reduces poverty and improve people’s wellbeing sustainably.

BIMAS targets economically active poor people with a specific focus on women and youth. Our focus on women and youth, increases their participation in economic activities and access to resources through microfinance and educating them to influence how they utilize their resources, BIMAS seeks to increase the likelihood of clients investing their increased disposable income in the well-being of their children.

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    BIMAS PLaza Off Shell Petrol Station, Majengo Area Behind Chief's Camp (Embu)
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