Looking For an internship in Kenya? Here are Tips For You!

By Jane Okoth

Getting a job and even an internship is not easy in these tough times. With many places to search for, it is only advisable to use the right method.

For starters internships are very important as they give graduates a clear expectation of what employer want once they are exposed to the corporate world

Are you a fresh graduate who just cleared school and is wondering what to do next? Here is the best way to secure an internship in Kenya

How To Find An Internship In Kenya

1. Begin Your Searching Early

One of the biggest mistakes graduates make is failing to plan. By ensuring that you have a systematic way of searching for opportunities as well as targeting the right companies, your searching will be a lot easier.

Whether you are in school, start looking for a ground to gain experience early enough. Search as widely as you can by availing yourself to employers even if it means interning for free.

2. Network With The Right People

Sometimes good things will not come to you if you just sit there and wait. Approach your former lecturers at school and ask them to guide you into the right direction. Through their connections, they can even suggest companies you can apply for.

Also, attend career fairs and exhibition where you will meet different employers. This is your own opportunity to prove yourself to potential employers and share a few contacts.

3. Conduct a Thorough Research Online

Thanks to technology, there are numerous websites that will give you information on any internship opportunity that come around. Subscribe to career websites where you are likely to find information on the latest positions and apply now.

Also, this is the right time to utilize social media to your advantage. Follow companies of your dreams on sites like twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. That way, you can be constantly updated on the various internship opportunities that may arise.

If you are a graduate seeking an internship experience, don’t just sit there, pursue opportunities as widely as you can because you need that internship experience in your CV.

Jane is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya. If you have any career related queries, contact jane@careerpointkenya.co.ke

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