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Frequently Asked Questions

What Ad Media Design can I use?

Each advertiser has different requirements for text/image combinations. Campoe has different types that need a variety of headings, text and images for your ad media to ensure an optimal delivery and the greatest possible reach for your campaign. Campoe provides an interactive Ad Design platform and templates for you to create the ad that perfectly fit your business.

How do you Measure an Ad Performance?

As with any business transaction, proof on Return on Investment is crucial, that's why with every ad slot purchase you make, you get an exclusive stats dashboard with how your ad is performing. The stats include clicks/views counter, Click Through Rate(CTR) and click details: date, IP, browser, status.

What Billing Model do you use?

For every ad, you get a choice of three different billing models;

  • CPC – Cost per Click, you are billed on the number of clicks your ad gets.
  • CPM – Cost per (Mille) Views, you get billed for every 1,000 views/impressions your Ad gets.
  • CPD – Cost per Days, You get billed for per day (24 hours).
I get the Billing Methods, but what is the difference?

CPC & CPM billings don't have a time limit but  are solely dependent on the clicks and views respectively. For example, If you purchase Ad 1 on CPC for 100 clicks, the ad will run until te ad gets 100 Clicks, doesn't matter if it takes an hour, a day or a week. Same for CPM, if you purchase 10,000 impressions, your ad will run until it's views reach the purchased number.

For CPD, your Ad is not limited by Clicks or Views but by time, your Ad will run for the set number of Days regardless of the Clicks or Impressions it gets.

What Payment methods do you accept?

As of now, we only accept Lipa Na MPESA only, soon we will integrate other payment methods.

What's your Refund Policy?

Ads once purchased, the fee can't be refunded. If you choose to cancel an Ad midway, the remaining funds can be transferred to another Ad of your choice. 

We couldn't get an Ad Design of our liking, do you offer Custom Ad Campaigns?

Yes we do, just get in touch with us here and we will discuss your Ad needs and integrate your custom Ad Campaign to our System.